Welcome to the website for my psychotherapy practice in Boulder, Colorado!

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).   This is an evidence-based psychotherapy, which means that it is firmly grounded in clinical research and documented to be very effective.

Dr. Rebecca V. Fossel, PhD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


While I specialize in CBT and evidence-based psychotherapy, I tailor the therapy process to meet your own unique needs.  Everyone has different concerns, experiences, strengths, and goals.  I listen intently to you as an individual and respect your ideas, preferences, and your knowledge of yourself.  I enjoy working together with you as a team to accomplish your goals, overcome your difficulties, and enhance your life.  I feel honored by the trust my clients give me and consider it a privilege to help you design a path to a brighter, more satisfying future.

Please use the links to learn more about my practice and the many benefits of CBT.  I am happy to answer questions and discuss your specific concerns.  I offer a free initial in-person consultation.  Please call
303-478-2353 to schedule an appointment.


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